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Friday, October 7, 2016

Bring Home the Bacon for Less

My husband brought home the bacon today . . . but only because I didn’t go with him.  

Every year my family gets a pig.  Every year we get jipped on bacon. Bacon is difficult to make.  The butchers in the surrounding areas have a difficult time processing and curing bacon. We end up with side pork.  Sid pork is all well and good with a floured and peppered, but it isn’t bacon.  

This year a butcher-counter-clerk took pity on my bacon-loving-soul.  Bacon is on sale in the fall because that is when pigs are butchered.  When you order a 15 lb box from Smith’s Grocery(Krogers and Fry’s are part of the same grocery line) they take 20% off for a bulk purchase.  We had our most beloved-butcher-counter-clerk order a box of bacon.  It took a few days to come in.  The box comes in 3, 5 lb vacuum sealed packages.  The box contained a sheet of 10 label stickers.  Dan and I broke the packages down into single pounds.  We vacuum sealed, dated, and stickered the bacon.   Once, you add in the vacuum bag, we spent $3.45 per lb -for thick cut hickory smoked bacon.  Please do not confuse this bacon with the name-brand-less-satisfying-pre-packaged-6 oz-bacon.

Until we are able to process our own bacon this is a great way to save money to put towards our other projects.